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We are excited for the inaugural season of Kraken Beach. The indoor game and beach games are very similar, but they also have differences. The philosophy of how your body learns motor programs still applies, so game like drills are of the utmost importance. Our coaching staff is skilled in teaching motor programs and are thrilled to work with both boys and girls and help them develop their beach games. It is NOT necessary to register with a beach partner, as we will work with our athletes and assist with matching partners for tournaments. If you alaredy have a partner lined up for the summer, that's great, just make sure they enroll as well, and let us know. Every athlete must have a current USA Volleyball membership, please see the bottom of this page for information on USA Volleyball. 

Age Groups

We have 2 age training groups: Group 1 for 12 & Under to 14s and Group 2 for 15s to 18s. Each group will train for 2 hours each session, between the hours 4:45-7pm. Start times will fluctuate based on daylight, with the first couple of sessions starting at 4:45. 


Training sessions will run twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, June 4 thru Aug 15, excluding July 4th. 11-12 weeks of training for the full summer long session. We also offer two shorter sessions to help accommodate summer vacation schedules. We also offer Monday or Wednesdays only for those two sessions. If players would like to compete in local beach tournaments, our coaches will assist with establishing partners and help in establishing a competition schedule for those interested. . 

The Kraken Beach Training Program accepts the first 24 athletes that are registered and paid for each Group. Beach volleyball is considered a separate discipline, so regardless of the club you play with for indoor volleyball, you can play with Kraken Beach. So make sure to get your ahlete's registration and payment in ASAP!

Sessions Offered

 Session  Dates  Days of Week  # Days  Cost  Group 1 | Group 2  Gear Included
 Full Summer  Jun 4 - Aug 15  Mon & Wed  21  $870  U12-14s | 15-18s  Ball, Tank, Spandex
 Session 1  Jun 18 - July 9  Mon & Wed  7  $300  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank, Spandex
 Session 1-M  Jun 18 - July 9  Mondays Only  4  $175  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank
 Session 1-W  Jun 20 - July 11  Wednesdays Only  3  $130  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank
 Session 2  July 16 - Aug 15  Mon & Wed  10  $430  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank, Spandex
 Session 2-M  July 16 - Aug 13  Mondays Only  5  $215  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank
 Session 2-W  July 18 - Aug 15  Wednesdays Only  5  $215  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank
 Digital Punchcard-4  4 Dates Jun 4-Aug 15  Mon & Wed  4  $175  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank
 Digital Punchcard-8  8 Dates Jun 4-Aug 15  Mon & Wed  8  $350  U12-14s | 15-18s  Tank, Spandex

Kraken Beach Lead Coach

Kraken Beach Training Program Details

  • No Tryouts
  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • 2 hours of training each date
  • 4:45-7pm - Group 1 (U12s & U14s) & Group 2 (15/16s & 17/18s)
  • Full Summer session is 11 weeks / 21 dates of training
  • Session 1 is 4 weeks / 7 days
  • Session 2 is 5 weeks / 10 days
  • Digital Punchcard in packs of 4 or 8 trainings can be used on any of the dates
  • Training sessions work on individual skills along with team concepts
  • Extremely Inclement Weather days move indoors to The Lair
  • Athletes sign up as individuals and train as a group. 
  • If you have a partner, let us know, otherwise we will help pair similarly skilled athletes for competitions
  • You set your tourney schedule with your partners
  • Coaching at tournaments where coaching is allowed and a Kraken coach is in attendance
  • Kraken Beach Training Tank  | Full Summer Program includes spandex and your own Beach Volleyball


USA Volleyball Membership & Waiver Forms Required for Kraken Beach

Kraken VC is a member club of USA Volleyball. All participants must have a current 2017-2018 USA Volleyball membership, which is a requirement for insurance purposes. If your athlete played Club Volleyball this past 2017-2018 season, your USA Volleyball membership should be current. If your athlete does not already have a 2017-2018 membership, please see the options below and visit the link for registration details.

Membership Options for those athletes not on Club Teams during the 2017-2018 Season:

  • 8 & Under (Free)
  • 11 & under ($15)
  • Limited Junior ($27)
  • Beach/Outdoor Membership ($45)

Kraken will validate that all athletes have a current USAV membership prior to the start of each program.

Athletes that did not compete on a Kraken VC or other club team for the 2017-2018 season, please click the Register button below or link under #1 to complete a USAV membership:e following completed forms are required for your Summer Camp Session:

  1. PSR / USAV Registration confirmation for new or returning members (Printed off PSR Volleyball Website)
  2. PSR Player Medical History and Release Form - Must Be Signed
  3. PSR USAV Athlete / Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form - Must be Signed