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Assistant Coach

Contact Information



Coaching Experience

Assistant Coach, Girls 16
Kraken Volleyball Club

Assistant Coach, JV/Varsity
Kent Meridian High School



Playing Experience

Kent Meridian High School
Setter, Defensive Specialist

Kraken VC
Outside Hitter, Defensive Specialist

Where are you from?

Kent, WA

What position do you like playing the most in volleyball?

Setter! You get the chance to touch every ball that your team sees. One of the most important people on the court!

Who is one volleyball player (athlete) that you are inspired by and why?

Cassie Strickland, she’s fierce, she’s intense, she loves the game and you can see it in every move she makes on the court.

Why do you play volleyball?

Life gets hectic sometimes. Volleyball is sort of like my escape from that.

Why do you coach? What excites you about coaching?

To see and help people grow and be better in something they love just as much as I do. It really is one of the most fulfilling feelings. 

What do you value most in your players?

Their drive and their constant hunger to want to get better in all that they do, whether it be in volleyball or just in life in general.

What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?

Probably the time I was setting front row and the ball was too tight to the net, so when I went up for it, I tried to soften my landing and ended up sliding all the way under the net with the other team … lol.