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Kraken VCs 17 Reef, 16 Reef, 15 Reef & 14 Reef will be competing in the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix, AZ to finish out the 2019 Club season. All Kraken athletes must be be in Phoenix by Wednesday evening. The last scheduled matches on Sunday begin by 3:00PM, which means we will travel back to Seattle on Sunday evening.

Kraken VC Teams Attending

17 Reef, 16 Reef, 15 Reef & 14 Reef

Travel Dates

Wednesday, June 26 - arrival by 10:00PM

Sunday, June 30 - flights scheduled no earlier than 6:00PM

Competition Dates

June 27-30

Wave Information

AM Wave - 14s & 17s
PM Wave - 15s & 16s

Travel Fee


Athlete Air Travel Arrangements

Parents are responsible for booking and the cost of air travel for their athletes. We know that families may take advantage of frequent flyer miles and this allows the most flexibility. Athletes must be in Phoenix and checked into their assigned team room by 10:00PM on Wednesday June 26. Return flights should be purchased for Sunday evening, no earlier than 6:00PM.  Once you have booked your athlete's airfare, please make sure to complete the Athlete Airfare Log at the below link. 

Athletes Traveling Without a Parent / Guardian:

For those athletes traveling without a parent / guardian for the tournament, the coaching staff will be present to pick them up at the airport and supervise them for the weekend. Athletes traveling without a parent should fly on the same outbound flights as coaches / chaperones, and the same return flight as the chaperones. Please see below for staff flight information. Coaching staff will shuttle unaccompanied athletes to the airport for return flights on Sunday evening. 

Outbound Itinerary

Kaytlyn Dill / Ronald Viernes / Latissha / EJ Marcheselli / Desiree Johnson / Bryson Young | 

Alaska Airlines 680 (Depart Seattle: Wednesday, June 26 7:40AM | Arrive Phoenix: 10:40AMAlaska Aines Fligh643 (Departoenix: Monday, July 3 7:26PM | Arrive Seattle: 10:26PM)

Return Itinerary

Alaska Airlines 643 (Depart Phoenix: Sunday, June 30 7:25PM | Arrive Seattle: 10:25PM)


Hotel - Coming Soon 
Phoenix, AZ  85021

Phone #:


Athlete Accommodations:

Kraken athletes will stay in team rooms.

Parent Accommodations & Booking Process:

Parents are free to book to their own hotel accommodations for the tournament. 

Volleyball Festival Tournament Website:

The complete details on the tournament can be found on the Volleyball Festival Website - Click Here!