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Kraken VC will make every effort to accommodate as many parent room requests as possible for travel tournaments. Some locations are easier than others to find quality accommodations. In some cases, we must arrange the bookings directly with the hotel or an agency who arranges tournament accommodations. The process for payment by parents may differ. Please make sure to abide by the cancelation policy for each hotel arrangement. If you cancel your reservation outside of the cancelation window, the club may be responsible for payment of the room, in these cases, the cost will be passed along to the family. Please remember that Kraken VC is a volleyball training organization, we are not in the hotel and hospitality industry. 

We know that families may take advantage of frequent flyer and hotel loyalty miles, and this allows the most flexibility. However, in many cases we must enter into a fulfillment agreement with a hotel property, and will be held to fill the rooms. In these cases, we must require that the families book rooms at the Kraken VC host hotel. Please review the travel info page for each tournament attended for complete details. 

Please complete the below form to request a parent room, or Click This Parent Room Request Link if you don't see the form.