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The 15 Reef, 15 Surf, 16 Reef & 16 Surf & 17 Reef teams will compete in the SoCal Qualifier in Las Vegas, NV.  This is the tournament information page for the 15s, 16s & 17s teams, for the 14 Reef & 14 Surf tournament informatiion please - CLICK HERE! All Kraken athletes must be be in Las Vegas by Friday evening, April 5th. The last scheduled matches on Monday will start by 3:00PM, we will travel back to Seattle on Monday. Flights to Seattle should not be booked for a return prior to 6:00PM.

Kraken VC Teams Attending: 

15 Reef, 15 Surf, 16 Reef & 16 Surf

Travel Fee

$600 (Please see Travel Info & Policies Page for complete details)

Must Arrive: 

15s, 16s & 17s - Friday, April 5

Competition Dates:

15s, 16s & 17s - April 6-8 | Play days are Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Wave Information: - 

(Not yet posted by the tournament organizers)

AM Wave (Day 1) - TBA
PM Wave (Day 1) - TBA

Tournament Schedule on AES: 

SoCal Qualifier Website | Schedule - TBA

Athlete Air Travel Arrangements:

Parents are responsible for booking and the cost of air travel for their athletes. We know that families may take advantage of frequent flyer miles and this allows the most flexibility. Athletes must be in Las Vegas and checked into their assigned team room preferably by 10-11PM on Friday, April 5. Return flights must NOT be booked before 6:00 pm as the last scheduled matches on Monday are at 3:00 pm. Once you have booked your athlete's airfare, please make sure to complete the Athlete Airfare Log at the below link. 

Athlete Airfare Travel Log - Click Here!

Athletes Traveling Without a Parent / Guardian:

For those athletes traveling without a parent / guardian, or another athlete's parent / guardian, it is preferred that athletes are booked on coach / chaperone flights so that they can shuttle with the coach / chaperone to the team hotel. If they are not, ground transportation to the team's hotel is the responsibility of the athlete's parent. Please make sure to complete the Athlete Airfare Travel Log form so that coaches have all of the players' flight information and can plan athlete pickup curbside outside of baggage claim.

Please see below for staff flight information. For those athletes traveling with a parent or without a teammate's parent, Kraken will also shuttle those athletes to the airport for return flights on Monday night. Coaching staff will begin arriving in Las Vegas on Friday morning and the last coaches will fly home in the late evening on Monday.

Coach Itinerary


Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines


TBD - Hotels for this event have not been opened to Clubs as of yet. We will announce once we know which hotel we are booked at. 

Phone #:


Athlete Accommodations:

Kraken athletes will stay in team rooms.

Parent Accommodations: