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We're excited to bring you the return of our most successful individual fundraiser from the 2016 season - the Kraken VC Serve-a-thon! A fun way for players to raise money and practice one of the most valuable skills in volleyball! 

2017 Serve-A-Thon

The Serve-a-thon will occur on Thursday, April 27 from 7-9PM at Rainier CC. All Kraken athletes please wear your blue long sleeve warm-up shirts. We will take an all club photo.


For this fundraiser, each Kraken VC athlete will secure sponsorships using the pledge form from friends and family for the total number of serves that the Kraken VC athlete will make during the Kraken VC 2017 Serve-a-thon. Sponsors have the ability to pledge on a per serve basis or donate a flat dollar amount.

Sponsors also have an opportunity to guess the total number of successful serves of all Kraken VC athletes combined during the Serve-a-thon to be eligible to win exciting prizes. 

Each Kraken VC athlete will serve 100 balls and their successful serves will be tallied. The top server in each age group will win the top server award and receive a gift card to Emerald City Smoothie and a Kraken shirt. To be eligible to win the top server award, a player must have a minimum of 3 pledges and participate in the Serve-a-thon on April 27.

Following the Serve-a-thon, each Kraken VC athlete will notify their sponsors and collect the pledged amounts and turn in to Kraken VC for credit to their account.

For a successful fundraiser, we recommend players begin collecting pledges and should be very diligent and mindful while serving during practices the weeks leading up to the Serve-A-Thon date. 

Start collecting your pledges now! We look forward to seeing everyone at Rainier CC on Thursday, April 27 at 7PM for the Kraken VC 2017 Serve-a-thon!

Go Kraken!