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Assistant Coach

Contact Information



Coaching Experience

Assistant Coach Girls 15 Reef
Kraken Volleyball Club, Seattle, WA

Head Coach, Girls 14, 15
Rain City Volleyball Club, Bothell, WA

Assistant Varsity Coach/Head C-Team Coach
Kamiak High School, Mukilteo, WA

Assistant Varsity Coach/Head Freshman Coach
Springfield High School, Springfield, OR





Playing Experience

2009 – Present
Seattle Volleyball Club
KrakenVC Adult Men's
Outside Hitter/Middle Hitter

Competing in USAV, NAGVA, and local leagues.




Where are you from?

Springfield, OR

What position do you like playing the most in volleyball?

I’m the epitome of a utility player, I can play any position equally well! I just like being on the court, no matter what my role is, but I’m probably best on the Right Side. Nothing feels better to me than shutting down a big Outside Hitter! 

Why do you play volleyball

I play volleyball because it’s fun! Growing up I did mostly individual sports so I love the team aspect of volleyball and how one player can’t do all the work. Volleyball takes a lot of mental strength as well as physical strength and I love that aspect of being mentally strong as an individual and as a team.

Who is one volleyball player (athlete) that you are inspired by and why?

I think it’s easy to be inspired by phenomenal athletes but as I’ve grown to know and appreciate the game I’ve been inspired by players like Courtney Thompson who are not only great players, but bring the energy and unity to the team regardless of whether they are on the court. 

Why do you coach? What excites you about coaching?

The most rewarding thing a person can do is teach others about their passions, and that’s why I coach every year. I love sharing my passion for the sport and making kids better athletes and better people on and off the court. I love the feeling of working hard on goals and accomplishing them, all coaches know that feeling of when a player or a team finally accomplishes something they’ve been working hard on, it’s AMAZING! 

What do you value most in your players?

I value coachibility and work ethic. I strongly believe that they go hand in hand. I think that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard and that every time you touch a ball or are on the court training is an opportunity to get better. Those two things are what make a great athlete, person, and teammate. 

What is your most embarrassing volleyball moment?

I don’t embarrass easy but one moment that stands out was in a tournament a couple years ago I was in serve receive and was following/calling a ball out and as it was floating out it hit me on the side of the face! Everyone on the court, myself included, was on the ground dying of laughter! .


Action Photos courtesy of Robin Thompson