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Our Coaches & Staff are some of the most passionate members of the Greater Seattle volleyball community. Not only are they continual students and teachers of the game, but they are also great technical players in their own rights. Kraken VC has an awesome lineup of coaches this season, all with a solid base of volleyball fundamentals and applied understanding.

Team Assignments

Head Coaches have been assigned, assistant coaches will be placed with teams as we get closer to tryouts. Coaching assignments may change due to WIAA coaching policies. Click on a coach to learn more about their philosophy and experience.


Jared Walters


Nesa Lemalu


18 Surf

Jared Walters

Anna Laban

17 Reef

Brandon Berg

16 Reef

Kathleena Ly

16 Tide

Kaytlyn Dill

Shayne Leong

15 Reef

Kaytlyn Dill

Bryson Ho

14 Reef

Ronald Viernes

Latissha Siva


14 Tide

Nesa Lemalu



13 Reef

Fay Laban

Jayme Foifua






















































Coaching Inquiries

If you are interested in joining the Kraken VC coaching staff, please send a resume to  .