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2016 Club Team Makeup Tryouts - Registration LIVE!

The 2016 Club Season is here and Kraken VC has been gearing up for another great year. Kraken VC is currently looking for 2 more players in each age group.  

Please register for one of our makeup tryout sessions in the grid below. All unsigned athletes that were not able to attend our initial tryout and any athletes that were not previously offered a Kraken VC Club spot are welcome to attend a Makeup tryout. 

Current Openings: 

2 - 12s/13s Players - Any Position

2 - 14s Players - Any Position

2 - 15s Players - Any Position

2 - 16s Players - Any Position

2 - 17s/18s - Any Position

Age Group




Next Makeup



U13s Dec 1 Tuesday      5:00  -   7:00pm 12/1 Meany MS Register Here
14s Dec 1 Tuesday      7:00  -   9:00pm 12/1 Garfield CC Register Here
15s Dec 1 Tuesday      8:00  -   9:30pm 12/1 IDCC Register Here
16s Dec 1 Tuesday      7:00  -   8:40pm 12/1 Meany MS Register Here
17s Dec 1 Tuesday      7:00  -   8:40pm 12/1 Meany MS Register Here
18s Dec 1 Tuesday      7:00  -   8:40pm 12/1 Meany MS Register Here
Boys - All TBD     TBD TBD Meany MS Register Here






Complete Tryout Details and Registration Info are posted on the 2016 Tryouts Page. 

Click Here for 2016 Tryouts Page!

by posted 11/07/2015
2015 Kraken Club Awards

2015 Kraken Player of the Year


Kraken VC held its 2nd Annual End of Season BBQ at Judkins Park on Thursday, June 11 to conclude the 2015 Indoor Club Season. A great time was had by all, eating, chatting, playing grass volleyball, and celebrating both team and personal accomplishments of the 2015 Club Season. 3 awards for each team were presented by coaches, and the Kraken Player of the Year was announced. Below are those Krakens that were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions of the 2015 Season. 

2015 Kraken Player of the Year: Cecilia "CeCe" Bui

Team Most Valuable Kraken Most Improved Kraken Kraken Spirit Award
18 Atomic Emi Atanoa Lauren Jones Deauna "DeDe" Johnson
16 Atomic RaeAnne Tegman Alexa Groby Gracie Brown
16 Black Isabella "Bella" Babb Bree Stab-Vargas Emily Jenkins
16 Steel Quynh Nguyen Violet Collins Hannah Anderson
15 Atomic Simone Davis Tyra Krivonak Scarlett Dahl
14 Atomic Laurel Gary Malaika Saleem Anna Bui
14 Black Alexandra Cook Suzanna Moss Lauren Benjamin
13 Atomic Erin Droppelman Gaby Pellegrini Kaitlinn Flinn
12 Atomic Noel Davis Josie Adamson Lucia Recjek


by posted 06/17/2015
Willamette Volleyball Classic Results

The Willamette Volleyball Classic concluded on Sunday, May 10th in Corvallis, and all of the Kraken VC teams competed well. 7 teams from the Kraken family played across 3 divisions of play and below are the complete results!  GO KRAKEN!!!

Kraken VC 18 - Atomic | Finished 2nd in 18s Diamond | 20th overall of 36 teams

Kraken VC 16 - Atomic | Finished 2nd in 16s Bronze | 14th overall of 78 teams

Kraken VC 16 - Black | Finished 1st in 16s Columbia | 61st overall of 78 teams

Kraken VC 15 - Atomic | Finished 1st in 16s Deschutes | 55th overall of 78 teams

Kraken VC 14 - Atomic | Finished 6th in 16s Deschutes | 59th overall of 78 teams 

Kraken VC 14 - Black | Finished 1st in 14s Columbia | 61st overall of 78 teams

Kraken VC 13 - Atomic | Finished 3rd in 14s Independence | 75th overall of 78 teams



by posted 05/11/2015
Kraken Shop Live!

The Kraken Shop - Live and taking orders!

The Kraken Shop is now live with 2015 Kraken gear and fan apparel items. We expect to have the first delivery of gear before the Spokane trip, so make sure to order your Kraken Gear so that you get your items on the 1st delivery.

Kraken Shop: http://krakenvc.org/Store/Store.asp?id=9964&n=&org=krakenvc.org

by posted 02/28/2015